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  • Hekimoglu Imaging Center  was established in 1985 and is very convenient for all kinds of transportation, Cerrahpasa, Capa, Haseki Training and Research, Istanbul Training and Research, Bezmialem Hospitals intersection point of the district of Fatih district located in the building number 71 on the street.

    Hekimoğlu Imaging Center,  with the professional, dynamic and friendly staff under the management of Exp. Dr. Abdullah Cevahir, he continues to serve in the region of Fındıkzade without compromising on quality and scientific understanding of medical principles by using advanced technology devices.

    Even in hospitals and centers with heavy patient traffic, imaging services that need to be allocated for a long time cannot be allocated sufficient time. In Hekimoğlu Imaging Center, advanced imaging services are provided with sufficient time for each examination with the understanding of boutique health service.

    You can get the results of the radiological examinations performed at Hekimoğlu Imaging Center on the same day.
    Hekimoğlu Imaging Center belonging to the Ministry of Health in Turkey devices and clicks it deems necessary license is available as a complete all of the Atomic Energy Agency.